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Apr 2, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, washington. >>> at the white house today, president obama announced a major research project to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. the $100 million initiative would fund pure scientific research and produce leads toward treating brain disorders from autism and strokes to alzheimer's. scientists say they welcome the chance to spend money on research at a time when science budgets are getting squeezed. but it's not clear whether congress will actually approve this spending. >>> the state attorney general in arkansas is now investigating the break of an exxon mobil pipeline that sent thousands of gallons of crude oil flowing down the street into a residential neighborhood over easter weekend. the leak is bringing a lot of attention to our national network of pipelines, and re-igniting debate over another notable pipeline project. our report tonight from our chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson. >> reporter: from the air, it looks like a dark stain on this neighborhood. 20 miles north of little rock. >> the smell is unbelievable. i mean, look. incredible. and that
Mar 29, 2013 5:30pm PDT
'donnell in washington tonight. kelly, thanks. >>> now to the economy and the environment could be on a bit of a collision course tonight with the obama administration's new proposals for tighter emissions controls for cars that could, in turn, raise the price of gas. our report tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: at this rest stop in new jersey, the verdict is clear. cleaner air is good. >> everyone wants cleaner air. >> reporter: high gas prices are bad. >> it's ridiculous. i drive for a living. it's ridiculous for me. >> reporter: but can drivers have one without the other? the epa announced a clean air proposal today that would reduce sulfur emissions by two-thirds and impose new tailpipe emissions standards for 2017 cars and later. the federal agency says that by 2030, the regulations would prevent as many as 2,400 premature deaths and help 23,000 children avoid breathing issues per year. but the proposal would also raise gas prices. by just 1 cent per gallon says the epa. >> most health benefits of the premature deaths and the respiratory illnesses avoided, that's going to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2